Fair Trade Products


We enjoy giving children chocolate and other candy for Christmas and other holidays. The irony is that much of the chocolate that we give away was produced in part by young children forced to harvest cacao beans. Let’s commit NOT to contribute to the exploitation of children. Fair Trade certified means no child labor was involved in the production of that item. If you give chocolate, please make sure it is Fair Trade Certified. Look for this label!


Many of us drink coffee every single day without giving a thought to how it gets in our coffee cup. Will you commit to purchasing Fair Trade coffee for your office and home? Will you encourage your church and other organizations upon which you have influence to purchase Fair Trade coffee?


Does your businesschurchcivic group or other organization order t-shirts or other apparel? Please be sure when you place an order to specify that your apparel should come from a WRAP-certified facility.

Gildan, Anvil, and Soffe all have some WRAP certified facilities.

Gifts you can find at Fair Traders

Shop online with us!

Painted Terra Cotta Nativity
Made in Bangladesh
Children around World Ornament 
Made in Bangladesh
Hand-carved Scroll Tree
Made in India

We also have purses and baskets woven by women in Cambodia, silk/pashmina scarves woven by women in India, chocolate, coffee, tea, and more.



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