The first week of November is White Ribbon Against Pornography week! It’s really important to learn about the dangers of pornography. Pornography is something that educates our generation about sex, and the outcome of that leads into sex trafficking. Pornography is creating a more sexualized and violent society, which plays into sex trafficking. While some forms of pornography are legal, much pornography is actually a form of sex trafficking.

Why is that?

Many people in porn are constantly abused and forced by directors and other members of the set. Coercing and abusing employees  is always unlawful, regardless of the industry

People who are abused in the porn industry often have difficulty with personal relationships later in their life. Many people go on to struggle with their self worth, making it nearly impossible to have healthy relationships with others.  Also, pimps tend to use porn as a guide for sex trafficking victims to show the victims what they want to reenact. It’s considered training material for new victims. Finally, there is a supply and demand chain with pornography and sex trafficking. Society is demanding more porn, which means it is demanding more exploited women. The best way to stop the exploitation of women is to educate the public on the dangers of porn, therefore there will be less demand for it.

So how does WRAP help?

White Ribbon Against Pornography is a campaign that aims to educate the public about the harm in pornography. When WRAP educates the public about the dangers of porn, it helps with lessening the demand for it. This week is very special for the people who have been exploited due to pornography, because it helps remind people that porn is an issue and it isn’t just a fun business.

Take a stand!

It is time to stop ignoring the problem and start facing it instead. Talk with your kids about the dangers of pornography, because if you don’t they’ll never really understand the harm it can cause them. I came across this article and it could really help start the conversation. http://www.safekids.com/2011/12/17/so-your-kid-is-looking-at-pornography-now-what/

Fighting for Freedom




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