Human Trafficking on The Internet: It Must Stop.

Internet dating sites, MySpace, Facebook, Craigslist. The list could go on forever. All of these sites are places where people can go online and chat with each other, and all of these sites make human trafficking on the internet so easy. People on the internet are targeting others in so many different ways, including expressing love for the victim, promising an acting or modeling career to the victim, and even promising a better job to the victim that would require him/her to move away from home. At this point anyone who uses the internet could fall victim to human trafficking, and it needs to come to an end.

There are so many horrific stories about people getting trapped into the darkness of what is human trafficking. A woman in Mexico who was lured into human trafficking by a man she thought loved her when she was only 12 years old. A 19 year old who responded to an ad about modeling who was tricked into prostitution. The internet trafficking even expands internationally. Denmark law enforcement recognized suspicious ads for nannies and dancers in Lithuania, and they uncovered girls that were victims of human trafficking that were recruited by the internet.

Recently, there have been more efforts made to prevent and stop the internet from getting people into human trafficking. Google has donated $11 million to anti-trafficking groups in an effort to prevent trafficking from the internet. LexisNexis has been working on new technology that will help detect and monitor human trafficking. More private companies today are working to donate money to provide aid to anti-human trafficking groups to combat human trafficking.

The bottom line is, human trafficking IS prevalent on the internet and more people are falling victim to human trafficking on the internet. What is important to know is that companies today are working to help anti-trafficking groups to stop the internet from being a place where trafficking is prevalent. But we can’t stop working to fight the end of internet trafficking.

Fighting for Freedom



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