HT in NC

Still don’t think Human Trafficking is a problem in North Carolina? Check out these recent news articles:

Fayetteville man forced Fort Bragg soldier into prostitution.

Suspect led prostitution network from his home near elementary school.

Marshals arrest Raleigh fugitive in Greensboro on child trafficking charge.

Cary man gets seven years in prison for human trafficking.

A Raleigh woman was arrested Thursday on charges of twice prostituting a teenage girl last year.

A woman from Tampa, Florida, was arrested Friday in Wake County on human trafficking charges.

Why is NC such a hotspot for human trafficking?

  • Military/International Travel:
    • There are 7 military bases in North Carolina. Military bases increase demand for prostitution because of the large number of (often) young, unmarried men seeking easy sex. This also allows for an increase in international travel, which helps facilitate the transport of victims.
  • Highways
    • Major highways like I95, I40, and I85 run through North Carolina, making it an easy target for traffickers. Victims can be quickly transported to and from cities all along the east coast without arousing suspicion.
  • Gangs
    • In 2014, a reported 1,041 gangs were present in North Carolina. Gang members often date young women to seduce them into ‘the lifestyle’ and then pass them around the group and trade them with other gangs as if they are public property.
  • Agriculture
    • North Carolina’s large agricultural economy demands workers, and employers often seek to minimize expenses and maximize profit. That’s where labor trafficking comes in; migrant workers, often non-English speakers, are brought to the US to work and are left at the mercy of their boss when their visa expires. North Carolina’s rich farmlands are attractive to labor traffickers who seek to make a profit off of their helpless victims.
  • Major Airports/sea ports
    • North Carolina is home to over 50 airports, 4 of which are international hubs. This makes transporting victims, both domestically and abroad, much easier for pimps. This also creates a perfect spot for traffickers to set up, airports are often surrounded by hotels and so many people are constantly passing through that a lot goes unnoticed.
  • Sporting events (NASCAR)
    • Just like the Super Bowl, sporting events such as rivalry basketball games and NASCAR races draw a testosterone-driven male crowd, which drives the demand for prostitution and human trafficking. Charlotte, NC is home to the Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Hornets, and NASCAR’s Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Did you know?

Since 2007, North Carolina has reported 571 documented cases of human trafficking.

North Carolina has reported 1,213 victims of human trafficking in the last 8 years.

In 2015 alone, there were 110 cases of human trafficking reported, and 463 calls to the National Human Trafficking Hotline from North Carolina.

*While these statistics alone are shocking, keep in mind that these numbers only detail the number of calls and cases recorded by one particular group (National Human Trafficking Hotline). Many cases are reported directly to law enforcement and more still go entirely unreported.

Human trafficking happens all over the globe, but we can’t forget about the horror that is happening right here in our own backyard. Join us in the fight to make our community a safer place.

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Writing for Freedom,


Darien Smith

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