He made you feel special, like you were the one

He told you he loved you and showed you some fun.



Feeling so alone and far away from home,

You wish you knew someone to pick up the phone.


Listen, follow, do as he says

Or he will hit your bones and feed you meds.


You feel as though you are nothing now

Stuck in the lifestyle, why me, How?


Your story is kept silent and not understood

The chances of escape are not looking good.


To him you’re gold but nothing to yourself,

He sold you to others and harmed your health.


He took away your freedom your ability to trust,

He tore your heart to pieces for the game of lust.


I hope you know there is someone out there,

But you may not know them and are unaware.


I Hope You Know…

There is someone who cares and wants to help you

And all the others like you too.


I pray that we get to you sooner than late,

Safe and sound, set free from the hate.



-Virginia Brooks, PR Intern for ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now


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