PR Intern

My name is Virginia Brooks and I am the new intern at ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now. I am an upcoming senior at ECU studying communication and psychology. I have a twin sister named Caroline who also attends ECU and is studying to become an occupational therapist. I know what you are probably thinking… why didn’t we just go ahead and choose the same major right? Well even though Caroline and I are in completely different majors, we share the same goal, “To help others in any way we can and to make the world a better place.” I have always wanted to work with an organization that is willing to include everyone and serve a needed cause. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now, which strives to eliminate human trafficking locally and globally.


As the great Mark Twain once said, “Words are only painted fire; a look is the fire itself.” As members of the community we have heard many stories about people who have been faced with or put into the situation of Human Trafficking; what I have learned is that what really goes on behind the actual stories are far worse than what we could put words to. Most of us have not been exposed to human trafficking first hand; therefore we may not understand exactly what happens beyond what we see. Maybe you have never encountered human trafficking, maybe you never will, but we can always do something to stop it. As a communications major and a PR intern, words do serve of the most importance. They aim to grab attention, explain, and to grasp a reader’s interest. My goal is not only to inform the public about the current status of human trafficking, but also to encourage those who take an interest in it to spread the word or take action as much as possible.


Why are there so many people unfamiliar with such a large problem in our world, country, state, community? I decided to talk to some of my friends about human trafficking and was surprised to hear what I found out. When I asked my friends about what they knew about human trafficking, some did not even know what it even was! Others were aware of it, but had no idea it was something that was such a large problem in our country, let alone North Carolina. I admit that I knew very little about human trafficking when I first heard about this internship, but I have learned so much already from reading and listening to others stories.Human trafficking may be a weird subject for one to just bring up out of the blue. I want to encourage people to talk about it more openly; tell anyone, everyone. Human trafficking could be going on somewhere near you, the more knowledge we give each other the more we can do to help stop human trafficking.

-Virginia Brooks, PR Intern for ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now