Human Trafficking and High School

When I first got asked to speak to youth groups on Human Trafficking, I didn’t think it was going to be something I liked. For a second, I reflected on my high school days and remembered how I would act when we had guest speakers come to our classes. I was always that student that would spend the whole time day dreaming, sneaking texts or avoiding eye contact so I wouldn’t have to answer any questions.

I was scared to speak because I thought I was going to face a room full of kids who were just like me. However, I was up for the challenge a figured the best way to get through the youth is by the youth. I always felt like I’ve experienced things my life that other people would benefit from but I never had a way to connect to them. Thanks to my internship I found my connection and was ready to take advantage of it.

During my internship I learned a lot of things about sex trafficking that made me realize how vulnerable my age group was because of how involved we are with social media. When I made my presentation I kept it mind how life was for me in high school and tried to break down what human trafficking was. So far I’ve talked to two youth groups and it’s been an exciting journey. It’s surreal to be 21 and looking into the faces of high school and middle school students. It’s also cool to tell them stories and see their faces, once they realize even though we’re different ages I can relate to what they say and vice versa. 

– Erin Price, Intern for Eastern North Carolina Stop Human Trafficking Now


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