A typical day!

My experience at ENCSHT this semester has been full of incredible experiences. A typical day will look something like this, I come every Tuesday and Thursday from 8-10 am, when I arrive I usually pick up where I left on the newsletter or I am researching or being told other things that would be good to add. That is mainly my job that I help Pam about with the most, as she is very busy. That is not at all where my limitations end, Pam has helped me gain confidence and do a short interview on the news and also she trusted me with doing a PSA on the local radio station. As a PR intern, these are the things I am looking to gain experience in. This semester I have learned how to correctly format pres releases, newsletters, emails and also I learned how to script write. Along with those things I also have experienced how to run a campaign for an event and how to run an event market stand. This semester I have been able to touch on several of the main skills that PR professionals have, I believe working with a non-profit gives me a huge advantage among others because I feel like I have the opportunity to do far more things and be well versed in my PR skills. Photo Nov 07, 8 41 21 AM


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