PR Intern

My name is John Asebes and I am a senior looking to graduate in May. I started interning with Pam Strickland and ENCSTOPHUMANTRAFFICKING in August and I have enjoyed every minute of it. It was more or less an accident that I found this place because it was a federal work-study position and I did not know but Pam took me in any way. Before I came I knew nothing about human trafficking, now that I intern with this organization it is something that I care about. It’s been a fun few months, Pam has taught me how to construct newsletters and press releases and the appropriate ways to send them out. I have had the opportunity since working with Pam to be on the news and the radio. Everything that I do is real PR experience so my time here has been nothing less than great, I get to hone in on my PR skills while also helping with the problem that is human trafficking. It has been a fun few months and I look forward to finishing this year out.Image


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