Education Failed

Lisa here (ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now’s Work Study ECU Student), letting you guys know the cuts to the states Education budget. We as abolitionist know how detrimental education is to preventing human trafficking. First, teachers are around students all day and -if trained- can spot an abused child. Second, if a child gets proper education then that child will less likely turn to drugs, prostitution, go to prison, or live off the system. Thus is less likely to be a victim. Not to mention if a child parents are educated then they  are less likely to run away, their parents are less likely to do drugs so the child is less likely to be sold into slavery- basically education ends the cycle. North Carolina, however, cut pay for teachers (again), decided that teachers do not need raises, and tenure (which is the only job security a teacher has) is going to be removed. TEACHERS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO LIVE OFF WELFARE!!!  “A North Carolina teacher since 2007, Furst’s income is so low that her two young daughters, ages 1 and 3, qualify for Medicaid.”  Do not get me wrong, no teacher becomes a teacher for the money, but it would be nice that the four years or more of college did not go ignored.
 “The state does more than pay for schools, of course. In the $20.6 billion budget… legislators fund their priorities. There’s $25 million to upgrade the state Highway Patrol communications system and $2.5 million to hire state troopers. Prisoner Legal Services is getting about one-third of its budget cut. The budget gives nearly $1 million to maternity homes, and changes the state’s economic development structure.” What the state does not realize is that quality education prevents crime and the police would not NEED all this equipment (g our men in blue do not do a great job and deserve respect) however teachers do too! If a teacher can not afford to pay his or her bills, and needs a second job, how is she going to give all the attention to your child that your child deserves?

[To read More of how these cuts are effecting our future generations click here](


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