Want to learn more about human trafficking?

The North Carolina Justice Academy is offering a four hour course for law enforcement, supervisors, victim witness coordinators and anyone else who interacts with human trafficking victims while responding to or investigation of calls for service. Jennifer Fisher is conducting this training course that should be required for any law enforcement. This could help increase awareness for human trafficking and possibly decrease our victim count. The course intends to provide the knowledge and necessary skills to identify the dynamics of human trafficking, while also providing skills to serve victims of human trafficking and formulate an effective response and investigation based on the best recommended practices. This course is taught via traditional classroom discussion, with audio/visual materials as well.

The students will learn:

–          The federal/state definition of human trafficking

–          To compare and contrast human trafficking and human smuggling

–          The dynamics of human trafficking and their traumatic efforts upon victims

–          To identify various forms of exploitation associated with human trafficking

–          Strategies for victim identification

–          Methods of effective response and investigation of human trafficking

–          Possible assistance for victims

–          Resources for law enforcement

–          To identify visa provisions for human trafficking victims and actions require of law enforcement in these actions.


Eastern North Carolina Stop Human Trafficking Now is encouraging you to speak to your law enforcement and request that they sign up for this course on April 9th in Salemburg, NC. We need everyone’s help in the fight against human trafficking. This short course will increase our law enforcement’s awareness for human trafficking and help us get one step closer to abolition.

Registration forms for this course can be found on their website: http://ncja.ncdoj.gov

Complete and mail application to: 

Registrar, North Carolina Justice Academy

PO box 99

Salemburg, NC 28385-0099

-or FAX it to: (910) 525-5235


Phone: (910) 525-4151

Email: registrar_east@ncdoj.gov


OR take the class online!

Learn more at http://ncdoj.learn.com