Getting to know Fair Trade

Quoted from this article, “ According to the UN, women constitute half of the world’s population, perform nearly two-thirds of its work hours, produce half of the world’s food, and yet only receive one-tenth of the world’s income…”

There are many factors contributing to the economic oppression women suffer globally. Even here in the land of the free, the fight for equal pay (regardless of the individual’s gender) continues.

So, two out of three adults living in poverty around the world are women (despite their exhausted efforts).

What can we do?

How about we start some fair trading?

We’ve talked about fair trade goods before, but that doesn’t mean you know what they are or how you are all ready involved.

The reason that our organization supports Fair Trade is that Fair Trade means slave-free, child-labor-free and exploitation-free. (Full definition here.)

In America, we buy products from around the world at extremely low prices (compared to what they should be worth).  When shopping for coffee, do you go for the cheap or the tasty or the ethically responsible coffee?  All though it may not be cheap, fair trade allows us to have the latter two while empowering women around the world.  People say they are willing to pay 8% more for Fair Trade coffee, if the quality is similar.

The most common fair trade products available in theUSare coffee, chocolate and tea; though they are not the only ones.  Here at ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now, we sell purses, jewelry and accessories that the survivors of human trafficking (or those at high risk of being trafficked) produce.  Almost all profits go into the support and rehabilitation that allows the victims to start moving on with their life and forcing fewer victims to resort back to prostitution.

How can you start helping this change?  Look for the fair trade logo on products that you buy and switch to fair trade products if the option is available.


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