Super Bowl 2012: Volunteers played ‘key role’ in deterring human sex trafficking

Volunteers intent on preventing human sex trafficking during Super Bowl week played a key role in finding victims and deterring traffickers, said Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller.

Law enforcement made 68 commercial-sex arrests and recovered two human trafficking victims, Zoeller said Friday. Two other potential human trafficking victims were identified and are part of an ongoing investigation.

Nearly 3,400 Hoosiers, including hotel workers, cabdrivers and others, were trained by authorities to know how to detect potential trafficking incidents. A total of 11,000 awareness cards were distributed with a hotline number for people to call for help.

The post-game review makes it clear that Indiana did its part to send a message to victims, sex buyers and traffickers, Zoeller said. He added that was possible due to “an extraordinary effort” by a large number of volunteers giving training presentations and outreach efforts to educate the public.

“Perhaps the best news is that the national nonprofits and law enforcement informed us that all . . . (the) efforts and publicity worked toward prevention,” Zoeller said.

The Indiana Prevention of Abused and Trafficked Humans task force, co-chaired by Zoeller, conducted 60 presentations and trained nearly 3,400 people prior to the Super Bowl.

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