Under New Law, France Would No Longer Be Sexual Playground of Men Like Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s (DSK) marauding sexual behavior has passed out of the news cycle. However, in the aftermath of DSK’s alleged rape of a Guinean hotel maid in New York and subsequent accusations of his rapacious pattern of behavior in France, more information about his actions has emerged. Several recent events have also challenged the French laissez-faire image of sexual exploitation so personified by DSK.

French women have made their voices heard, especially rejecting DSK’s predatory behavior as simply the flirtatiousness of a man who defends his conduct with the feeble claim, “I love women, et alors.” Most notably, Christine Lagarde, the woman who replaced DSK as the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), bluntly stated that DSK’s defenders were in denial when they named DSK the victim, “… while ignoring the read victim and it led to unacceptable and disgusting comments by some of his friends.  Male friends, of course.”

Few news reports have detailed DSK’s use of prostituted women and the pimping that made it possible. Police uncovered evidence that French businessmen paid for women who were delivered to DSK at clubs, restaurants and hotels in France, and elsewhere. According to Le Figaro, David Roquet, head of subsidiary of the large construction company Eiffage, billed his company for DSK’s prostitution encounters.  Roquet, who has been charged with pimping, told investigators that he, Lille police chief Christophe Lagarde and DSK went to the luxury Murano hotel in Paris where they engaged in “paid-for sexual relations.” Roquet also testified that he spent corporate funds to fly women to Washington, DC, and New York, who took part in sex parties at DSK’s request. It was reported that DSK had also used prostituted women from the same agency as Eliot Spitzer, the fallen former governor of New York. Spitzer paid for women to be brought to him across state lines and, like DSK, was never prosecuted for purchasing sex or for trafficking.

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