Alleged Denver metro area sex ring exemplifies national trend in human trafficking

The 70-count indictment alleges that — from left to right — Bryan Steven Burns, Chad Armand Gow, 20, Patrick Lloyd McGowan, 22, Chad Armand Gow, 20, and Roy Manuel Ibarra-Gonzales, 19, oversaw a human trafficking ring that prostituted children and sold methamphetamine and cocaine. (Colorado Attorney General’s Office)

By Sara Burnett
The Denver Post

Dever, C.O- The crime ring had all the makings of a traditional street gang: A clear hierarchy, members who tattooed the group’s name on their bodies, girlfriends at the ready to help cover their tracks.

But rather than drugs and guns, the organization whose indictment was announced this week trafficked primarily in young girls, prosecutors have alleged.

It’s a trend that, according to experts, is growing, not just overseas or in big port cities but in towns across the United States.

It all comes down to what’s best for business: While commodities such as guns and drugs are gone once you sell them, a human-trafficking victim — isolated, afraid, potentially addicted or dependent in other ways — provides an ongoing


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